Help Us Help You

Help us to help you

When you call for an ambulance in an emergency, the last thing you want to know is that we can’t find your home. Please mark your addresses well. Many times we are trying to read numbers on mailboxes that are barely visible or not clearly placed.

Try driving down the road and look at your neighbors address, would you be able to find it if you didn’t know where they lived? While many of us know the roads, and many are members of the community, we still need your help to find you. Some members of the community have numbers on their houses as well as the entrance to their driveway, some do not. If you live on a common driveway, and share a group of mailboxes at the entrance to your homes, we still need to have your house marked so we can readily find you. While big numbers are great, reflective numbers are awesome for us at night.

I hope that you never need an Ambulance, the Police or Fire Department in an emergency, but if you do, we hope that you have your residence marked so that we can get you the help you need, quickly and without delay.